If you are looking into selling some of our items at your store or website, we would love to work with you. JEYLA takes pride in providing top quality evil eye jewelry with the best wholesale prices along with terms that are designed to make your business succeed. We are proud to have formed partnerships with several companies throughout the US as well as the rest of the world including Australia, United Kingdom, and Mexico.


 Here is what JEYLA has to offer:


1. No minimum quantity requirements. You are free to decide how many of each item you want to purchase. 

2. No Business License required as we work with several nonprofit organizations as well for fundraisers etc.

3. Most items ship immediately upon the receipt of your order.

4. The ability to order and pay online for all services

5. A professional business relationship where we can provide assistance in not only getting these products but being able to help you market them through providing information and support

6. Ready to use wholesale kits with their own leather display stands featuring some of our top sellers. We designed these kits as ready to go impulse shopping racks that can boost sales in any small business from hair salons to flower shops. You can use our kits to take a shortcut and get a free displaye or put together your own selection of evil eye jewelry



To sign up, simply create an account and email us to request your wholesale customer status. Once approved, you will be able to shop our website with access to wholesale pricing giving you up to 60% off of our retail prices that are already the lower than our competitors. You will be able to purchase wholesale evil eye jewelry with no quantity requirements enabling you to have a wide selection of evil eye jewelry without sacrificing your profit margin. E-mail us today at info@jeyla.com .